What we can do for you?

If you have already defined a project task that you need help with organization or application of infrastructure data, or you are developing an application that relies on geoinformation systems, machine learning, and other technologies – request an offer so that we can find a way to realize it together.
the existing system with new functionalities or connect your data and databases with field-obtained data in GIS.
GIS functionalities and data into your system, as well as develop completely new information solutions based on satellite data.
automatic processing of a large amount of spatial data using ETL software FME and programmed scripts.
existing data according to international standards for geospatial data (ISO/OGC) which will make them usable and useful.
your spatial data and geoinformation systems with legislative frameworks – INSPIRE and NSDI.
data supplied to you by someone else and check established GIS systems.
new technologies based on satellite images (Earth Observation) and artificial intelligence.
your business in tourism, agriculture, telecommunications, or spatial planning.
project documentation to get a geographic information system (GIS) adapted to your needs.

We work for ESA (European Space Agency), JRC (Joint Research Centre of the European Commission), FAO, and ICPDR (UN). We cooperate with civic initiatives and non-governmental organizations on socially beneficial projects.

Are you ready to work together?


If you are engaged in transport, construction, tourism, or some other activity that requires data about the terrain, height, topography, amount of carbon that can be absorbed by an orchard on a certain surface to facilitate your business – we can help you with the digital transformation of your business.