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new geoinformation systems based on satellite images (Earth Observation) and artificial intelligence.
your business in tourism, agriculture, telecommunications, or spatial planning.
project documentation to get a geographic information system (GIS) adapted to your needs.
Clear definition of the problem/idea which should be addressed by the application/system. The concept should present a solution to a specific problem.
Analyzing user requirements, core concepts, and system goals. Drafting preliminary user and system requirements.
Crafting wireframes to sculpt the application interface and outlining the system’s architecture. Elaborating on the detailed design and architecture of the system/solution. Swiftly producing wireframes with iterations based on user feedback.
Integrating feedback from wireframes into the development of the final version of the system/app. Continuously testing to minimize post-release costs.
Deploying the system signifies the introduction into the operational environment. Concurrently with the deployment process, the maintenance phase is initiated. During this period, the system is regularly monitored to track its status and performance accompanied by the simultaneous rectification of any potential bugs.